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Beginner to Advanced Calisthenics Program

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You will receive:

  • Beginner to Intermediate Program
  • Intermediate to Advanced Program
  • Access to The Community

One purchase, lifetime access, no limits.

All the workouts are customizable and suitable for everyone (even for the people who’ve never exercised before and are just starting out)


  • In just 2 weeks, you will notice your strength increasing, along with achieving skills
  • Understand how to structure a routine and progress fast
  • You will see an increase in muscle, as well as an increase in flexibility and mobility
  • The skills you will achieve:
  • Planche
  • One Arm Handstand
  • Front Lever
  • Back Lever
  • One Arm Chin-Up
  • One Arm Pull-Up
  • Handstand Push-Up
  • Muscle-Up
  • L-sit to Handstand

What you get:

  • 36 pages of information (Beginner to Intermediate Program)
  • 50+ pages of information (Intermediate to Advanced Program)
  • Easy to follow videos for every exercise
  • Complete workout plan given in the beginning and at the end of the e-book
  • Step-by-step and in-depth detail about exercises, as well as training methods
  • Special tracking chart to measure your progress (the same chart that made it easier for me to achieve skills fast.)
  • 100+ exercises are provided with progressions (harder version) and regressions (easier version)

What you’ll need:

You don’t need any equipment or access to the gym but this is what is recommended:

  • Dip bars / rows (Can be easily replaced with two chairs at home)
  • Pullup bar (Optional for pull day), can be easily found in a nearby park)
  • Resistance bands (Optional)

Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Gracias los entrenamientos son realmente buenos.


Verified Buyer

2 months ago

This is great. I finally learned the handstand push up.


Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Great program

Adrien S.

Verified Buyer

7 months ago

Really helpful to make your own workout program

Well structured


Verified Buyer

7 months ago